5 Bullet Points : jute fire starter tapes as outdoor kindling

 SEE VIDEO ( Youtube ): Introducing Sparkpia Fire Starter Tape 

 5 Bullet Points 

  • Convenient to ignite: the most efficient and durable way to start fire and absolutely a product never seen before! Light wood or coal and leave it for a while, it will ignite on its own in 5-10 minutes. It will save you the trouble of holding the igniter during outdoor activities. Easily ignites with a match / lighter and is strong against the wind. The tape itself is convenient to be easily cut by hand, without scissors or knife.
  • Portable: easy to hand carry, small enough to fit easily into the backpack, light and easy to carry. Two aluminum cans included in an 8-pieces box are waterproof and reusable.
  • Multipurpose: used for various outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, barbecues, and garden parties or at indoor fireplace. can be used as fuel replacement ( long-lasting; 118 inch long single entire roll burns up to an hour) .
  • Eco-friendly materials: nature friendly products made of jute and paraffin. 8 rolls of fire starter tape in a box ( a manual and two carry cans included). the rolls have light brown ( Single Color ).
  • Designed in Europe: kindling designed in cooperation with a prominent design school, ECAL in Switzerland, US patented, and produced in Korea.

How to use > 

Rip a piece of the tape with fingers ( 10 cm or longer per use ), roll them around or under wood sticks or coal pieces, and light them with matches or lighters. ( Depending on material and quantity of combustibles, when the tape is placed properly, it catches fire in 5 ~ 10 minutes and ignites faster when straw or twig is added )

SEE VIDEO ( Youtube  7 minutes ) :  Ignition Test Demo