Easy Fire!

We make outdoor life easier. The most efficient and durable way to start  fire at campfires, mountain climbing, barbecues, and in fireplaces. Absolutely, a product never seen before! Fire Starter Tape. 

Introducing Sparkpia Starter Tape

Sparkpia Fire Starter Tape

Product Features


Used for various outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, and garden parties.  Can be used as fuel replacement ( long-lasting; 3.0 meter long entire roll burns up to an hour )

Convenient to ignite & Portable

It will save you the trouble of holding the igniter during outdoor activities. Easily ignites with a match / lighter and easy to hand carry, small enough to fit easily into the backpack, light and easy to carry.

Natural Ingridients

The earlier developed Fire Starter Tape was made of jute ( natural ) and paraffin. Then, Fire Pack uses natural stearin additionally . After burning the firewood or charcoal, least amount of harmful metal element is released. Sparkia Fire Pack is a much better alternative to charcoal briquette if you are looking for a less harmful igniter.

Ignites Firewood or Charcoal

Put firewood, charcoal, or briquette on or around the pack or tape to ignite. Enjoy barbecue and campfire, cook ramen ( instant noodle ), and much more

Swiss designed invention

produced by HKC in  Korea